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?lovers02-22-2017 16●:24 BJTHuawe○i Technologies ●Co Ltd, the w●orld's third-bigg■est smartph●one maker, 〓unveiled a new ◆handset on Tues●day targeting mobil●e gaming enthu○siasts and○ virtual rea●lity camera lovers.◆The Honor V9 c○ame out

as the ●company's sub-b■rand Honor■ said it w●ill focus more ○on services and new ●technologies.That c●ame as the● group deals w

ith s●urging componen○t costs and compete〓s with Samsun●g Electronics Co◆ Ltd in the○ high-end m●arket.Honor V9◆ comes with ●a 5.7-inch 2K scr●een. Its visio○n and sound effect○s have been optim●ized for Onm〓yoji, a popul〓ar mobile ●game develope

d〓 by NetEas●e Inc.Priced 〓from 2,599● yuan ($37■7) in

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a〓nd pictures.Zhao M〓ing, president of H■onor, said 〓that although● online sales◆ of handsets we◆re slowing do〓wn in China,◆ he was still op■timistic about○ China'

s internet-o〓riented smartphone b●rands."Our marketi■ng spending is onl◆y about one-fourth◆ that of o●ur rivals. ◆We care more abo●ut services and 〓new technolo●g

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〓 said.Xiang L■igang, a sma●rtphone expert◆ and CEO of t○elecom industry web〓site, sa〓id that due to th◆e continui●ng depreciatio〓n of the yuan,● the cost of ○smartphone storage◆, disp

lay and 〓chips had all gone u◆p.James Yan, resear○ch director at■ Counterpoint Techno○logy Market Resear■ch, said H◆onor was try●ing to build up 〓its brand image by ◆striking a b〓alance between q●uality and price.P■lease scan○ the QR Code to foll■ow us on Inst○agramPlea

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We〓chatHuawei S○pain certified as ○Top Employer fo●r 2017Huawe●i Spain certified◆ as Top Employer for● 2017Huawei Spa〓in certified as T〓op Employer f◆or 201702-10-201◆7 07:33 BJTM○ADRID, Feb. 9 (X

inhu■a) -- Chinese t〓elecommunic●ations Huawei ●Spain has been nam○ed as one of ●the top employers 2●017 by the ●Top Employers I◆nstitute, a glo○bal certifi◆cation comp◆any recogniz●ing excel